In January 2014 we started to establish an english version of our website
As our time and opportunities to translate all content (more than 600 single pages) are limited, this will last some time.

So we kindly ask you to come back soon.
But if you need and want to have a certain page still beeing in german here in english as soon as any possible, please let us know.
We will do our best to fulfill your needs.

As english is not our mother tongue, we need and really like to get any information about wrong or stupid english expressions
or sentences used by us, and please tell us too, how they are correct.

Thank you, and have a great trip.

Ideas for environment friendly journeys - worldwide

Travel slowly - see more - learn more - know more - and live intense

  • Journey reports from all around the world
  • Thoughts concerning our mobility and behaviour
  • Information to activities - on land, on and in the water and in the air
  • Descriptions of means of transportation without fuel consumption
  • Equipment ideas and checklists
  • Instructions and products to be used and made by yourself
  • Authors writing for this site
  • Useful links

We love to publish your text and your images on this site - free of any charge and completely non-commercial

On the road

Our happiest moments as travellers occur, when we stumble over something unexpected
during the search for something completely different.
Lawrence Block

It is the unkonwn behind the next corner that makes my wheels turning.
Heinz Stucke, on the raod on a bicycle since 1962

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